Tuesday, 7 December 2010

General Progress

General Progress

Recently we have completed the poster and included the different movie companies that may work in conjunction to produce a film that we are producing. The different movie companies, which we included, are listed below:

Working Title - We decided to include working titles because it is a British movie production company and is well known for a majority of the British films. Therefore it will help to promote the film and gain interest in the British market. Furthermore Working Titles have produced films such as "Shaun of the Dead" and these films were very successful and a similar genre to our film - "Dead Man's Love" and because of this they will understand the market and how it would need to be promoted.
We also thought that "Studio Canal" would be a good choice because they often work in conjunction with Working Titles and would help to promote the film into the European market. As the two companies have worked together it would also be good for "Blue Box Productions" to gain contacts abroad. Additionally the two companies have made 'hit' films before such as "Johnny English" which is a proven comedy film producing a turnover of around $27 million. Therefore they will be renowned for producing films with large potential for return on investment.
Universal Studios was chosen primarily due to the fact their brand has worldwide recognition and is highly respected. Furthermore we thought that it would be important if the film was looking to expand into America (the largest market for films) it would be important to have their backing. Additionally they are behind a number of top sellers to hit the market and because of this we think it would be good to incorporate them into our production but primarily because they allow us to target an American market which could be useful because America and Hollywood control a majority of the market.
Our poster is below, however it still doesn’t include the image, which will be placed on to the center of the page:

Filming Schedule

Due to problems with the location we have lost our location and had to re-schedule our time for filming. We have now put it for Wednesday 22nd December and our discussing amongst us for possible locations.