Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday, 17 January 2011

First day of filming

First day of filming

We have just completed the first part of our filming and it took place Sunday 16th January. We started at 10.00 all meeting at the school gates and filmed for approximately 3 hours. The parts we filmed were:

Luke (Sam) walking home from work.
He then gets to the road.
As he gets to the road he only looks left
He then gets hit by the car
The driver gets out of the car and runs over to see if Luke is OK.
He then runs back to his car and gets his phone which he dropped because he was on the phone whilst driving and rings the police.
The driver looks behind but sees Luke has gone, running over to see where he was hit, realizing he has gone wondering where he is.
We have now completed the first 2 scenes, all the way until Sam (Our main character) was hit by the car and then disappeared. Overall we thought the filming went quite well and we managed to film a number of shots from various angles, however we did have trouble with the cameras and battery, but we did get around this and it wasn’t a big problem because we had another camera. One other minor issue was the wind, but this was simply because we had trouble with the green screen, however again this wasn’t a problem as we just managed to get round it. I believe the next time we film we do need to be a tad more prepared in knowing what shots we are looking to get for each scene so we can speed up the filming process and potentially film more in one day allowing us to have more time to edit in the future.

Are aim as we were filming was too take many different shots so when we were editing we could choose shots which were most suitable for our film. To do this we often had 2 cameras playing at once - one which was handheld giving the affect that the viewer is right next the character, whilst the other one was on a tripod. Regarding the car scene it was mainly hand-held to give the whole scene a 'realistic affect' to entice the viewer.

Another issue we faced which we were unaware of at the time was that in my scene there were 2 Lucozade bottles when I go to see where Sam is, however one friend of ours who is interested in special effects suggested we masked it by placing the pavement over the top and after enquiring this was then done.

Unfortunately I was unable to capture the weather for the day, however it was 4 degrees on the day with a low of -1 degrees and there was grey cloud with near to no sun.
Pictures of our location and us filming our below:

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Filming Dates

After careful consideration we have come across two dates in which we will start our filming.

  • We will be filming the car scene this Sunday (Sunday 16th January)
  • Our second date will be on Sunday 6th February and when we do this we will be filming the house scenes.