Thursday, 21 October 2010

Poster draft

After researching into magazines we have now decided to research into our second auxiliary task - creating a poster. Researching into this we found various posters that were similar to our genre. These posters are from Shaun of the Dead, The Crazies and Zombieland.

 We decided to look at the film "Shaun of the dead" because this film is a similar genre to the film that we are producing as it has a horror comedy. After looking in detail we have found some features, which we found particularly interesting. To begin with we believed that the image in the center of the picture was particularly effective and because of this we have decided to incorporate it in our poster. We thought it was effective because it was very eye catching and stands out on the page. Additionally we found that the font at the bottom of the page the font they use was very effective. This font makes the poster look very realistic and therefore the poster is viewed as a reliable article and because of this we hope to reproduce something similar.

 "Scary Movie" was incorporated because like "Shaun of the Dead" it is a horror comedy and we can take factors that are similar to this. Firstly we liked the written text at the top of the page, this is where is states "Hilarious & Outrageous". We thought that this was effective because it made it gave the viewer a feel of what you will expect and get from watching the film. Furthermore we found that it was a common technique, particularly in our genre to put the title of the film at the bottom of the page and because of this we have decided to follow in their footsteps.

We decided to look at the film "Zombieland" because it included zombies within the film and we thought it would be appropriate to look at their poster whilst producing ours. Within this poster we liked the ideas of incorporating the names of the characters who are in the film, however we used a different font, similar to that used in "Pearl Harbor". By adding in the names of the characters it acts as a selling point for the film and gives more information about the film. Furthermore the image of the poster was again covering the whole thing and we thought this was good so when we do take the image of our film we will look to add an image that will cover the whole page.

After looking into the above posters we have decided to create a poster that we could publish to our audience as a marketing tool. This poster is shown below:

When we tried to create a poster we had to carefully think about the font choice because if its not correct it wont attract the audience. Therefore the very close text underneath the title was chosen because it is common in film posters as a way of expressing a slogan or saying. Additionally we had to make it realistic and we have decided to add our production name and also when the film will be released.

For the pictures we hope to place the main characters in the middle - this will most likely be Luke and maybe his wife at the front because they are the main characters. And we may also try to place Dave and Mickey at the back for the comedic affect.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Magazine 2

Today, we will be conducting research into magazines as we have chosen this as one of our options. To do this we will need to look at the styles of the magazine and the font in which they are written, as this will help us to give an insight into what styles and font we should use. In addition to this it is important we look at the images they have and see if the images they have are relatively similar because after researching they would have found images, which would finally suit their target market. Lastly it is important that we get a feel for the styles of writing and the different linguistic techniques used in the magazine so we could potentially incorporate it into our final piece.

After researching into magazines we have now completed the first draft of our magazine and from this we have been able to create a first draft to what our magazine will look like in terms of layout and design. Images from "kick ass" are below.

As you can see our template above is similar to that of the "Kick Ass"magazine. After completing a template to the magazine I then had to write the contents of the magazine and the inspiration for this was still from the review on "kick ass". We had to make sure that the imagery and layout was suitable. An image of the final publication of the magazine is below. 

One thing that we were unable to complete is the adding of the images as we haven’t done any filming yet we were unable to take photos to add them in so this will be added in over time. However the text has been implemented into the publication and we believe, except for the lack of images the overall layout is very similar.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mood Board

Here is a thought board and this is done to try, brainstorming ideas, which we will be communicating in our film. It covers numerous issued, such as comedy, however also a car symbolizing the car crash and this shows the twist within our film. We feel this has allowed us to show our ideas and allowed us to put our film into a more cohesive idea of what our film is going to be.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Script production

Over the past few weeks we have been developing the script for our film. We had to try and make it suitable for our target audience and make sure that it is understandable. To do this checking  the speech was vital so it can be communicated clearly was very important. For example when "Ed" says just 1 word it must be the correct word to portray the type of character that he is -"lazy, messy". Furthermore comical aspects were also added to entice the audience into viewing the film.

Below is our finished script ready for filming:

After completing the script we have decided to start on the storyboard to aid the visualization and to show the order of the short film.

Location of shooting

 This image is of the office. This is simply too give the surroundings of the house as to walk to the bedroom you will go too through the office
 As you can see this image is of the front of the house, the front of the house will be used when Luke is walking home after he has just been hit and also when he is coming home from work. this will help to give the viewer an idea of were its taking place.
The image shown to the left is an image of the bedroom and this will be used when Luke is ofcourse waking up and going to sleep, and this will help to give the real life perspective within the film and help the viewer too relate with the film. In addition to this it may be used at the end when Dave is joking around in the room and this will be incorporated if we have the time.

We will also be filming on Parsonage Barn Lane, this location is needed for the collision to occur. Additionally we will be filming at a block of offices and this will be used when Luke goes to work.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


We have recently decided to do a magazine for one of our options, after doing some searching we have found numerous magazine reviews, with a majority being from:

After doing some research we have found some of the linguistic techniques that they use, for example alliteration and the rule of 3. This was shown in the review of the hangover - "paced, inventive and flat-out hilarious". We personally feel that these features would be quite good to incorporate as it entices the reader.

A review of Benjamin Button is below.

Another film website with general reviews is listed below

Friday, 1 October 2010

Target Audience

Our target audience for "Dead Mans Love" is quite diverse as we do hope to appeal too large audience and because of this we have to make sure we attract the audience. We hope to be attracting the white male audience between the ages of 15 -40 and potentially the female audience, however this will vary based on their type of film and whether they like the ideas of Zombie's and 'gore; We hope that our target audience will be watching films such as "Scary Movie; Shaun of the Dead". These films will be similar to ours because they are the same genre. In regards to television programs we will aim it at individuals who watch programs such as "The Inbetweeners; Only Fools and Horses". To involve such a market and attract them into watching "Dead Mans Love" we have created a Facebook group so they know that the film is being produced and coming into the market. We have decided to divide our target market into various segments:

Male young adults and teenagers - The people will most likely be between the ages of 15 - 40 and watch films such as "Scary Movie", yet "Shaun of the Dead" has attracted an audience from 18-31, yet we believe we can expand on this.

Females - The female audience is much smaller in the fact they might not like the idea of zombies, however we do hope that the comedic value will entice them into watching the film.

We have also conducted research into our target market, which has helped us too produce findings on our target market:

Ages attained
Population % of total
 % per year
of age band
0 - 42,926,2385.961.19
5 - 71,838,6683.741.25
8 - 91,283,8612.611.31
10 - 143,229,0476.571.32
16 - 171,231,2662.511.25
18 - 191,177,5712.401.20
20 - 242,952,7196.011.20
25 - 293,268,6606.651.33
30 - 4411,127,51122.651.51
45 - 599,279,69318.881.26
60 - 642,391,8304.870.97
65 - 744,102,8418.350.84
75 - 842,751,1355.600.56
85 - 89637,7011.300.26

This index shows that our target market is around 19757727 however this number doesn’t take into account the large female population that is not interested in 'gore' and the potential large number that will not like films such as ours - "Dead Mans Love" and also the population which is not white because we will be targeting white individuals, yet 83% of England, according to statistics published in 2007 are white suggesting the target market wont be reduced significantly because of this factor.