Friday, 11 February 2011

Magazine progress

We have been adding to our magazine, which is needed as an ancillary task. Recently we have been adding pictures to the magazine to make it more visible. After playing around with the images for the small section we believed the part where Mickey (Samuel Peckham) and Dave (Edward Watson) look at each other, a picture of this is below:

The picture we have at the moment on the right hand side is good because it shows our support characters and gives an idea of our type of film -shocking, funny.

However we have yet to find a suitable alrger image for the background and we are considering having a photo-shoot to take an image which would be suitable for the magazine. If this background is not suitable enough we may just decide to choose another background because it may be more suitable and thats why as you can see above we have a mixed blue and white background because we are trying to experiment with colors. Furthermore, we have not ruled out the possibility of adding an image behind it, however we have not found an image yet, but when we do we will try it to see if it works well.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011