Thursday, 25 November 2010

Music ideas

Music ideas

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at some music that may be suitable for our film. After looking around we have found some music that could be suitable. In the film "Shaun of the Dead" the music they use would be good to use because it adds to the tension of various scenes, however they manage to maintain the comedic values. Therefore we believe it would be good to encompass the music within our short film. The music is shown below:

We have also found music from the film "the crazies". This film manages to cleverly incorporate their music because for 90% of their film is built up tension and manage to keep the viewer of the film on the edge of their seat without showing the 'gore'. Therefore to use this type of music could be good because it will entice the viewer and will be possible to do as effects is relatively minimal, which will be suitable for the resources we have, however the problem is that "The Crazies" is more suitable for zombie films so we must be careful that we don’t incorporate in our film if its not the right time as it could promote the wrong image for our film.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Poster Update

After looking into posters Sam has found two posters, which will be good to incorporate into our final poster. The first poster is from "Me, Myself and Irene" and the second from "Superbad". By incorporating these two together it could help to come up with affective imagery.

The poster above shall be considered carefully whilst we decide an image to place over the template I created. As you can see the image which we found would be very suitable for our film. The image as you can see is separated and we thought that we could use this idea and have our characters face before and after he turns into a zombie. This would be affective and helps to portray a good image of our film; therefore we will look to incorporate something like this.  Furthermore the use of blue text contrasts to the white background making the text more clearer and the writing fits in with the overall image of the character - 'wacky; different' because its different sized and also different layout and because of this we will need to think carefully about the font we do choose. In addition they have highlighted 'June 10" which is its release date so it stands out and its easy to read so they can attract their audience and tell them exactly when it shall be released and we have incorporated this in our film with the large red font and this will be used to attract the audience to it so we can directly promote our film. Lastly the white background connotes representations of 'innocence' which the directors may be aiming to portray and also the main character Jim Carrey is placed directly on the front to give the film a unique selling point which can also be used to attract an audience and because Jim Carrey is renowned for comedy films and this again is a unique selling point for their film.

This film poster was chosen simply because it places the two main characters on the front cover, and we hope to do this as well. We are looking to place Luke on the front and hopefully include Luke's wife and maybe Mickey and Dave in the background simply for added affect. By adding the characters any viewers that watch our film will be familiar with the characters. However this poster does use various other features, which makes this poster effective. To begin with the large red title - "Superbad" is placed directly at the front of the poster which almost forces the viewer to know what the name is and almost implant it in their minds, whilst the red connotes 'danger' fighting; blood; love" which they may be trying to represent. Furthermore the facial expressions of the characters are used to represent comical value and this fits in with the overall genre of the film and we need to take this into account when we are adding the images to our poster because it is important we represent the right image and show the viewer exactly the type of film we are producing.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Unfortunately the read through last sunday didnt go ahead, however the cast is the same as it was and we hope to have found the character for the boss - Mr Kirk and he is a current teacher at our school.

We have also just bought some props that will be used in our film, firstly we have bought the table and this will be used when Luke tells Mickey to clean up and he then decided to throw it out. Furthermore we bought the blood and it is slowly beginning to come together.

In regards to filming, we are looking to start filming this sunday - Sunday 21 November.

Thursday, 11 November 2010


After completing the script we had to see what props we needed and where we would need them. And after reading through the script we have come up with a list of props that will be needed before we are able to start filming.


After looking into potential actors for the film we have finally decided which characters we feel are appropriate for the film. The cast is as follows:

Luke - Samuel White
Wife - Lucy Webber
Mickey - Samuel Peckham
Dave - Edward Watson
Man in car - Justin Heron

After completing this we have printed out several copies of the script for the cast and the crew. This needed to be done because we will be doing a read through of the script on Sunday 14th November. We will be doing this so we can see if the cast has any questions about their characters, the script or the film in general.

We intend our character Mickey to portray the characters in the hit TV program 'Men Behaving Badly' which shows a man living with a very lazy individual who does very little around the house.


We have now given the script to our main character Samuel White who is playing Luke so he can read through the script. Unfortunately Steph Dearden is unable to attend the read through on Sunday 14th November, however we will be communicating with her in the meantime so we can come up with a filming schedule and once we receive the dates and times we need to pass these on to other members of the cast and crew to see if they are available at these times.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Filming - Pre production

We are very close to filming and in order to get the right cast we needed to send out an email to the whole year to see if anyone will be up for acting in the film. The email we sent out is below:

    For our advanced portfolio for A2 media studies We are looking for a male in their early 20’s or someone who looks 20 who wouldn’t mind having the male lead in a short film. The filming would mainly take place on a Sunday. If you know anyone who is interested please can you get them to email one of these three people:
Many thanks
Sam, Ryan and Justin
From this email we immediately got two responses and we do hope to get more in the coming future.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Production name

In regards to the production name we have come up with a few ideas. We needed to do this because last year we each had 2 different production names. Sam and I came up with the production name of "Big Box Productions", whilst Ryan's production name was "Blue Monkey". Therefore we thought it would be appropriate to merge the two names. At the moment we have come up with various names such as "Big Monkey" and "Blue Box" productions.

Furthermore we need to come up with a 10 second opening to the film with our own opening. Therefore we have also come up with different beginnings, for example a box falling on a monkey or a monkey coming out of the box. However this has yet to be decided.